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Intapp Walls automates information security to address professional rules and client requirements. It replaces distributed, ad hoc approaches to confidentiality with a single interface that enables organizations to centrally control, monitor and report on the entire confidentiality lifecycle. Intapp Walls is the industry’s most-adopted information barriers product, tested and proven across a diverse range of real-world environments.

Today, a diverse range of drivers compel professional services firms to take a serious look at how they store, treat and track sensitive client information.

Traditionally, firms managed confidentiality by distributing memoranda and relying on the professional diligence of lawyers, professionals and staff. Most also limit access to physical files (sometimes using red “post-it” notes). With the growth of electronic information, many took steps to restrict access within their document management libraries. Unfortunately, these approaches are inadequate:

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    They fail to limit access across all repositories where sensitive information resides

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    They rely on manual intervention to ensure that access controls are enforced

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    They require active monitoring of behavior to keep policies and restrictions up to date

Today, clients are expecting, courts are taking notice of, and firms are increasingly adopting more stringent practices. These include automating the creation of information barriers and screens, monitoring staff behavior to ensure that restrictions are enforced and policies are maintained, and extending protections wherever sensitive information is stored. 

Industry standards have matured. Confidentiality management software has moved from a “nice to have” to a “must have.” And manual approaches or functionally-limited “point tools” no longer suffice in a world where clients and case law require rigorous compliance measures.


The Intapp Walls Advantage

Facing these requirements, the professional services community has overwhelmingly embraced Intapp Walls as the industry standard for confidentiality lifecycle and information security management. Firms choose Intapp Walls because confidentiality is a distinct software category, requiring technology specifically designed to respond to modern business requirements.

Intapp Walls addresses professional rules, case law and client confidentiality requirements. It replaces distributed, ad hoc approaches to information security with a centralized platform that smoothly integrates with existing firm systems and processes, providing organizations with unprecedented capability and control.


Intapp Walls Adoption and Momentum

Intapp Walls is the industry’s most-adopted information security management product, selected by over 230 organizations, ranging in size from 35 to 5000 professionals, including:

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    19 of the 20 largest law firms in the world

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    80%+ of the NLJ 100

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    4 of 5 UK “Magic Circle” Firms

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    6 of the “Seven Sisters” (Canada)

Collectively, these organizations, several of which have been honored for their information risk management achievements, use Intapp Walls to manage security for over 1.5 billion documents globally. These firms rely on Intapp Walls to enforce ethical screens and information barriers, address client confidentiality requirements, and comply with regulatory rules and data privacy laws.

With unmatched experience deploying confidentiality software across diverse, real-world environments, Intapp is able to offer product configurations for firms of all sizes.


The Intapp Walls Community

If your organization is looking to enhance confidentiality management and information security, consider joining the unmatched and growing community of successful firms who have partnered with Intapp.

Learn more about Intapp Walls’s features, understand the success peer firms have achieved, and then contact Intapp to explore your specific priorities and objectives.