product integration

Intapp Integrate provides a simple, straightforward way to connect and manage software applications. It enables organizations to streamline IT architecture, implement master data management frameworks and automate a variety of critical business processes. To speed project execution, Intapp offers pre-built templates for connecting a variety of applications, access to a collaborative peer community and an extensive roster of certified third-party consultants.

Enabling organizations to rapidly address common challenges like new business intake, user provisioning and distribution list management, Intapp includes pre-built solution templates, best practices and access to an energetic, collaborative user community.

Intapp Integrate makes executing a broad range of IT projects quick and easy. It’s been called the “no brainer” alternative to custom coding. (It’s also been called: "the magic box," "a homework machine" and "my vacation" by IT managers.)


The Intapp Integrate Approach – Point, Click, Drag, Drop, Connect


  • cid build
    Integrate Almost Anything
    – Take the heavy lifting out of integration with a “universal translator” that bridges a broad variety of systems and standards

  • icon wrench
    Integrate it Yourself
    – Use an intuitive graphical interface to quickly configure and manage integrations – without burdensome training requirements or external consultants

  • icon quickly
    Integrate it Quickly
    – Complete projects in hours, days and weeks (instead of months or years) using pre-built templates for common use cases


Use Cases — Limited Only By Your Imagination

Today over 420 organizations are using Intapp Integrate to streamline projects and processes including:

  • New Business Intake
  • New Hire Intake
  • Document Intake Routing
  • Pre-Cost Processing
  • Event-Driven Reporting
  • DMS Workspace Creation
  • Financial System Notifications
  • Distribution List Updates
  • CRM Enhancement
  • Portal Enhancement
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Application Upgrades
  • Workflow / BPM Acceleration
  • System Monitoring

...and many more.

Intapp Integrate enables IT teams to boost productivity, lower costs and deliver greater value to end users. And Intapp is pleased to offer product licensing options which make it easier to leverage the product for a specific project and then expand internal use over time.