• DealCloud Solution Overview: Partners and Professionals Are Like Pilots

Too often we hear about the challenges of engaging partners and lawyers in business development – and yet it doesn’t need to be that way. 

Your firm’s partners and professionals are like pilots — they need good visibility, accurate data, and instrumentation to work effectively. 

Start enabling your firm’s “pilots” with the data, tools, and insights they need to grow their practices and improve client experiences. Hear from former law firm practitioners who’ve dealt with these challenges head on. Understand what types of critical information lawyers want — and what formats they need — and give them the visibility and confidence they need to soar to new business development heights. 

In this session, we’ll help you chart your flight plan:

  • Shifting the mindset about how to best enable business development for lawyers 
  • Sharing a framework for developing lawyer-centric solutions that attendees can begin using immediately within their own firms 
  • Demonstrating, with real-world examples, the power of a well-calibrated partner/lawyer cockpit

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