• #EpicCRMFails Series, Part 1: Epic Fails – and How to Avoid Them

According to Chris Fritsch of CLIENTSFirst, almost every law firm currently using CRM software is looking for ways to increase the ROI on their technology investment. Sometimes learning what NOT to do can be even more instructive than learning what to do. Join us for part one of this four-part series examining the top issues that lead to CRM fails and hear stories from experienced professionals that can help you learn from the mistakes of others.

In a world of “best practices”, we’ll dig into real-life #EpicCRMFails and discuss what to avoid on the road to CRM Success:

  1. Problems First, Products Second – Identify your needs and requirements before attempting to evaluate which software is the best fit
  2. Let Lawyers Be Lawyers – Enhance adoption by automating processes and allocating resources for minimum attorney effort and maximum firm benefit
  3. No Dog and Pony Shows – Get the features and functionality that match your needs and requirements without getting distracted by bells and whistles
  4. Defeat the Deluge of Data – Focus on getting data you actually need, keeping it clean, and turning it into actionable insights

Proactively identify what could be your biggest challenge and learn how to effectively dodge it!

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