• Getting Started with Key-Client Planning


Following the 1-2-4 Rule, it takes lawyers 4 hours to develop work from new clients, 2 hours from former clients, and only 1 hour from current clients. Firms can easily fall behind their competitors as their lawyers are forced to use more of their time pursuing new business, with marketing merely supporting proposals rather than pitching opportunities to existing clients using data-driven insights and recommendations.

Key-client plans build the foundation for a better client experience by creating a tailored approach to strategy, origination, and execution of engagements. With the right technology in place, marketing teams can rapidly access client data that allows their firms and lawyers to stay ahead of client demands and anticipate their needs. By leveraging critical information across the client lifecycle, key-client plans foster smart collaboration, utilizing client intelligence to identify lawyers who can best serve key clients and create crossselling opportunities.

Download this worksheet to get started on developing your own key-client plan.

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