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    Leveraging AI to increase profitability


Is your firm using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning or is it the phrase that is buzzing around your firm but there are no actionable results? According to CPA.com, the global AI market will be ~$60 billion dollars by 2025 and yet Gartner reports in the same paper that only 4% of CIO’s have implemented AI in their business. With a large emphasis on AI and Machine Learning in the future, many Accounting and Consulting firms are looking for ways to implement new technologies to help them streamline operations, predict engagements and reduce overall costs.

Watch our webinar to understand how leading accounting and consulting firms are leveraging artificial intelligence which is leading to significant increases in revenue. In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Streamline your time-tracking process from capture to billing
  • Accelerate revenue recognition through automation
  • Leverage artificial intelligence to monitor and predict future engagement resourcing
  • Provide heads of tax, audit, and advisory with the full transparency to quickly adjust to business needs

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