Modernizing Business Development from Reactive to Predictive


Today’s legal clients scrutinize their spending and are well informed about prices, value and competitive alternatives. This necessitates insight-driven marketing and business development strategies.

However, marketing can only provide these insights if they have greater transparency into client matters, along with a seamless process to access, capture, and curate data in order to predict future client needs with confidence.

Law firm marketing is at an inflection point. Modern CMOs are the change agents who can advance marketing from a supportive function to a strategic partnership. With a birds-eye view across the entire client lifecycle, CMOs are best positioned to champion data-driven decision making and the requisite infrastructure and process changes.

The payoff? Win new business among new and existing clients, increase revenue and gain market share.

Watch this on-demand webinar to explore topics including:

  • opportunities to integrate data into the culture of the firm
  • change management strategies to build firm-wide support
  • advancing smart collaboration and key-client planning: industry use cases
  • where to start