• Opening Keynotes – Connecting Your Firm to Win in the Next Normal

For all the focus on the “new normal” of work as businesses start to reopen, the greatest innovators in design, technology, and workplace leadership are thinking about the next normal — a world in which flexibility and resilience are the coins of the realm. Fast Company editor-in-chief Stephanie Mehta speaks to the design firms, Silicon Valley innovators, digital transformation experts, and global creatives who are creating the workplace after tomorrow to find out exactly what it entails.

In this information-packed session, Mehta considers how the physical footprint of offices and work campuses will change and evolve, the far-reaching impacts of the grand remote-work experiment of 2020, and how we can best manage hybrid teams made up of a some remote and some in-person workers. Perhaps most importantly, Mehta addresses the underlying question of how a “next normal” mentality will set leaders up to innovate and better deal with future business interruptions.

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