• Get to Know OnePlace Operations & Finance: Unleashing the Power of Your Data to Drive More Profitable Business

As law firms entered 2021 on more-stable ground than they may have anticipated, many also now understand that their new operating models aren’t simply stop-gap solutions — new ways of working are here to stay. As a result of this sea of change, innovation initiatives focused on improving client experience and retention should not only evaluate how work is performed and delivered to clients, but also address how firms can leverage insights gleaned from the completion of that work to improve employee satisfaction, protect and grow revenue, and ultimately deliver engagements that result in happier clients and higher profits.

Join a panel of experts on Thursday, March 18, as we discuss strategies to drive profitable business, including:

  • Understanding how AI and advanced technology can help your firm:
    • Accelerate and optimize timekeeping data capture to improve visibility into activity, progress, and utilization
    • Improve pricing and budgeting processes using historical insights to inform future engagements
  • Learning how an integrated budget-to-bill solution impacts the profitability of all your firm’s engagements
  • Discovering how your firm can deploy a connected approach to meet client expectations, strengthen relationships, and deliver impactful business results

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