Time Capture Adoption Program

Law firms that achieve broad adoption and use of Intapp Time achieve the greatest benefit from the product, including increased revenue and lawyer satisfaction.

To achieve long term success, any software that faces end-users should be introduced deliberately, in a well coordinated and thoughtful manner. To facilitate law firm success with Intapp Time, Intapp works diligently with customers to support broad and effective use of the product by lawyers and staff.

Central to this approach is the designation of a dedicated customer success manager (CSM). The CSM works with firms to develop a tailored program that leverages best practices developed through substantial engagement with firms across the industry.

Applying these lessons and strategies, this proprietary approach addresses product roll-out, training and ongoing assistance. As part of this initiative, Intapp also provides a broad range of supporting materials and consulting services. The net result is that customers do not have to create an adoption plan and program from scratch. Instead, they can accelerate a rapid return on their investment by leveraging pre-built resources that include:

  • training
    Training, including “train the trainer,” and on-site programs

  • elearn

  • marketing
    Internal Marketing

  • documentation
    Documentation, including “quick reference” and more detailed materials

  • technical
    Technical considerations and advice

  • surveys
    Surveys assessing user practices, expectations and ongoing feedback

Importantly, this program is tailored to meet the specific objectives and preferences of each customer. And it’s designed to foster knowledge transfer to enable customer self-sufficiency and control over the long term.