Confidentiality Management Practices

Effective information security management requires prudent policies, proper controls, and constant vigilance. There is no “one size fits all” approach. Instead, organizations must chart a course that best fit their particular priorities, internal preferences, and risk tolerance.

For qualified organizations implementing modern information security software, looking to benefit from industry expertise and peer insight, Intapp offers specific training and consulting services.

Curing Confidentiality Management Challenges

Today, the majority of mid-sized and large law firms have invested in confidentiality management software. By leveraging the lessons of their real-world experience, organizations updating their internal practices can accelerate their efforts, avoid common pitfalls and increase their overall success.

Common questions firms ask when implementing information security, screening and information barriers technology include:

  • question
    What approaches can we take to selecting and configuring a diverse set of security models for the different matters and information we manage? And what trade-offs should we be aware of?

  • question
    Which specific controls, configurations and approaches are best mapped to the specific confidentiality drivers we face?

  • question
    Which staff should configure and manage controls? Who will update definitions and report on compliance over the lifecycle of each information barrier or control?

  • question
    How can we best use notifications and acknowledgment tracking to increase awareness? When are these measures warranted and when might they be “overkill”?

  • question
    What are the other questions and decision points peer firms have addressed as part of their own efforts? What lessons can we learn and apply to our specific situation?


Intapp Insight Informs Intelligent Response

By partnering with Intapp, firms benefit not only from the industry’s most-adopted compliance technology, but they also gain access to unmatched insight on practical strategies and approaches for ensuring project success through consulting and training services.

Intapp’s consulting team has unmatched experience working specifically on law firm confidentiality management initiatives. This includes advising over 150 organizations on information security initiatives.

When working with IT, risk staff or management stakeholders, Intapp draws on this real-world experience and peer insight to coach and advise organizations so that they set the policies, practices, and project plans that best fit their specific environments. Plus, this positive feedback loop means that as the Intapp customer community continues to grow, all members continue to benefit.