Information Security

Intapp information security solutions help organizations address a broad range of confidentiality management, data privacy and compliance challenges mandated by professional rules, client requirements and other drivers.

summary confidentialityProfessional Responsibility

Is your firm properly handling its information security obligations? Today a diverse and expanding set of drivers puts an increasingly bright spotlight on confidentiality management. These drivers include revised rules of professional conduct, more nuanced and demanding case law, new government regulations and more stringent requirements from clients and insurers.

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summary mobilityClient Mandates

Clients are increasingly taking a trust but verify attitude to firm information governance practices. With organizations facing more stringent outside counsel guidelines, and greater sensitivities generally about managing access to private information, firms need an automated approach that addresses the entire confidentiality lifecycle.

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summary complianceRegulatory Requirements

Is your firm prepared to expose its information risk management practices to outside review? Is it prepared to document how it has complied with any number of applicable standards, rules and laws? These are not theoretical questions. In addition to mandating more rigorous risk management practices, clients and regulators are increasingly calling on firms to furnish detailed documentation regarding specific measures taken for specific matters. Today, it’s not unheard of for clients to commission or conduct on-premise audits.

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