Intapp integration solutions enable organizations to tackle a diverse set of technology challenges including streamlining IT architecture, enabling better data governance, accelerating project execution and automating business processes.

summary processProcess Automation

Today, a significant number of critical business processes depend on the quick and accurate movement of information among software applications. Automating the intelligent communication of this data allows organizations to significantly improve the scope and quality of service provided to business stakeholders, and tore-allocate staff responsible for manual data entry to focus on more strategic pursuits.

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summary architectureIT Architecture

Many organizations struggle with complexity brought on by the iterative introduction of new software applications, changing business processes and increasing use of custom code. This complexity can make it challenging to upgrade applications, streamline work practices and effectively execute IT projects. Creating a simplified IT architecture based on the principles of centralized, master data management can deliver significant benefits.

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summary enhanceApplication Enhancement

Organizations often push up against the functional limits of packaged applications or cloud services. This could manifest as restricted APIs, limited customization capabilities or lack of native connectors for existing business systems and processes. Leveraging a centralized data integration platform provides a way to rapidly enhance a number of standard systems including accounting, portal and CRM applications.

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