CRM Management

It’s not uncommon to find law firms frustrated by the failure of their CRM initiatives to live up to lofty vendor promises and management hopes. In many organizations, rather than serving as a mission-critical, business development central nervous system, significant investments in CRM software have resulted in, at best, centralized rolodexes. And those looking to upgrade to a more modern CRM product face the prospect of a very expensive undertaking with similar risks of long term success.

The Problem

The reason why many CRM projects fall short of expectations is that they depend on the diligent participation of lawyers and staff. It’s not that (most of) these users don’t see the value of the exercise. But the pressing demands of client service and business operations compete for the time required to feed necessary information and intelligence into the CRM system.

Rather than trying to change the practices and priorities of overburdened or unconvinced end users, the only practical way to fulfill the promise of CRM is to automate the critical data management processes. Intapp Integrate is the key to achieving this intelligent automation.

The Intapp Solution – Intapp Integrate for Enhancing CRM

Intapp Integrate provides IT administrators with an easy way to automate a broad set of common tasks and challenges including:

  • Automating contact, client and matter collection, validation and synchronization
  • Automating the creation and maintenance of all lists
  • Provisioning new users’ accounts
  • Simplifying content import/export (data and documents)
  • Setting up targeted and highly customizable notifications

To accelerate CRM success, Intapp provides pre-built Intapp Integrate templates that let IT implement new functionality quickly and easily. These templates can be quickly customized to address firm-specific process and configuration requirements, such as updating CRM records based on client intake or business development activity.

Instead of spending days or weeks building custom code and scripts, firms can enhance CRM data management in hours with Intapp Integrate.

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