NetDocuments Integration

Firms are increasingly adopting cloud software like NetDocument’s hosted document management service. For IT, cloud solutions commonly offer benefits including easier deployment, better availability, improved disaster recovery mitigation, smoother upgrades and more flexible licensing options. For lawyers and other end users, cloud-based software typically makes it easier to access information and resources wherever they are, often via devices including desktops computers, tablets and smart phones.

The Problem

While cloud services offer significant potential, there are also trade-offs that include risk management and integration challenges. The simple fact is that firms have less control over software hosted off-premise and administered directly by vendors. This means that the benefits the cloud delivers in terms of implementations, upgrades and uptime come at the cost of preventing one-off product configurations or customizations. What’s more, firms are limited by the scope provided to them by whatever Web Services API functionality is made available (which can be tightly constrained).

The net result is that when moving to cloud systems, firms risk unexpected gaps in functionality, business process efficiency and user satisfaction. And working around these gaps to connect cloud services these with on-premise software can be challenging. Limited Web Services APIs provided by cloud vendors and a diverse set of technical standards (SOAP, XML, HTTP, REST, etc.) necessitate custom web development.

Without a way to smoothly and automatically integrate information across firm systems, organizations are forced to rely on inefficient and error prone manual data entry and process execution.

The Intapp Solution – Intapp Integrate for NetDocuments

Intapp Integrate eliminates the need to code by abstracting the underlying complexities associated with cloud interfaces so that IT can focus on designing business logic, configuring data flows and quickly executing product deployment. Intapp offers a license of Intapp Integrate designed specifically for NetDocuments.

This offering provides a graphical interface for designing and maintaining all of the data feeds between NetDocuments and any on-premise systems such as HR systems, Active Directory, and of course financial systems such as Elite or Aderant. It also includes pre-built templates for connecting NetDocuments to a variety of standard systems, enabling firms can fully integrate the software into their environment in a matter of days. These templates can also be quickly customized for any non-standard systems or data feed formats.

By using Intapp Integrate, firms can expedite NetDocuments implementations and easily extend the software with additional alerts, notifications and reporting designed to streamline business process execution and visibility.

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