Matter/Engagement Data Propagation

It's vitally important that firms take on new clients and matters/engagements efficiently. To do so, they must run several overlapping processes such as conflicts and credit checks. At the conclusion of the process, firms must quickly configure the applications lawyers and professionals use to create work product, record time, track expenses and collaborate.

But getting key business data such as client and matter/engagement codes into the right locations quickly can be a complicated, resource-intensive proposition. This problem is particularly acute in high volume practice areas such as intellectual property or transactional services.

The Problem

In most cases, when a firm brings on a new client or creates a new matter/engagement, fee earners and staff begin work immediately. Unfortunately, the applications they depend on for support aren't as capable. Systems first need to be configured, matter/engagement numbers populated and entries updated. Ideally, legal applications should integrate and instantly share this information automatically. But they don't.

Instead, information is typically first entered in a centralized accounting system such as Elite or Aderant. Next, dependent applications such as time tracking, document management, cost recovery and portals are updated. To do so, firms often rely on loosely-defined methods that may depend on:

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    Informal Communication
      An accounting administrator may email change requests to one or more IT resources.

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    Manual Updates
      IT personnel may have to update multiple applications individually.

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    Custom-Built Scripts
      The firm may also have developed batch scripts to effect updates. These typically run on a delayed basis and must be closely monitored as a problem with one script can quickly result in a snowball of errors and omissions

When ad hoc approaches result in delays, errors or omissions it directly impacts efficiency and satisfaction.

The Intapp Solution – Intapp Integrate

Intapp Integrate makes it possible to instantly configure the applications lawyers and professionals depend on immediately upon new business intake. It also maintains data relationships across applications, so whenever client or matter/engagement data is changed, relevant systems are automatically updated.

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