Distribution List Management

The days of typewritten memoranda, mass mimeographed and dutifully distributed via intra-office post are long forgotten. As it has with so many other legacy business processes, technology has automated and streamlined intra-office communication. Today, email lists enable effective, instant and broad communication. And firms typically make significant use of distribution lists to disseminate internal news and streamline group collaboration and communication.

But as with other technology-enhanced activities, the expanded capability to create and use distribution lists has resulted in greater usage, greater demand and greater complexity.

The Problem

Today, firms typically create and attempt to manage a broad variety of email distribution lists, with multiple and often overlapping aliases and membership groups. It’s not uncommon for firms to nest lists within lists, adding even more complexity. In most cases, the task of managing and updating lists and list membership falls to IT or other support staff who configure Active Directory or other centralized systems of record.

But manual approaches create inefficiency, delays, and opportunities for error, like mistakenly adding individuals to lists they should not be members of. What’s more, current approaches provide no way to easily report on list management or confirm that updates are accurately taking place.

In practice, list membership is a significant administrative struggle, particularly at firms with nested lists, governed by multiple criteria like titles, practice groups and locations. And this struggle is never-ending, requiring constant intervention as users join, leave and move within the organization.

The Intapp Solution – Intapp Integrate

Intapp Integrate lets firms automate distribution list management by monitoring changes to firm HR or other software systems and updating user assignments in Active Directory based on configurable business rules. It also offers enhancements that improve process efficiency, such as the ability to automatically notify users when they have been added to or removed from a list, or to push updates to administrators based on configurable criteria.

With Intapp Integrate, firms can manage their lists with greater speed, accuracy and visibility, while freeing administrative resources to focus on more pressing projects.

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