Lawyer and User Provisioning (Joiners)

Making sure new hires can be productive immediately is a key priority (and pain point) for firm IT. Unfortunately, setting up the software and systems lawyers and professionals need to do their jobs can be a time-consuming activity. It’s also usually a complicated one, dependent on manual processes and the goodwill and attention of a variety of participants across departments.

And a constant stream of lateral hires, summer associates and other staff joining the firm, coupled with expectations of prompt turnaround doesn’t make matters any easier. Nor do departures, which require IT to quickly revoke access to sensitive information.

The Problem

In most cases, when individuals join (or leave) a firm, HR updates a centralized human resource management application, such as Workday, Ceridian, ADP or PeopleSoft, and then notifies IT. Administrators must then manually update individual applications, such as Active Directory, Exchange, document management and time entry, creating and configuring user accounts one at a time.

In these situations, procedures tend to be unstructured. And communication between stakeholders, such as HR staff, tends to be email-based and spotty. The process is fragile, relying upon:

  • icon informalcans
    Informal Communication
      Typically impromptu, requests and responses can fall "off radar"

  • icon untracked
    Untracked Activity
      No means to submit and track requests or to monitor fulfillment

  • icon dataentry
    Manual Data Entry
      System updates performed by hand increase delays and chances of unexpected human error

The results are slower service, increased chance of error, sidetracked IT resources and less satisfied end users. Even when ad hoc processes work to maximum efficiency, these approaches result in delays, increase the risk of error, and offer no centralized means for tracking and reporting.

The Intapp Solution – Intapp Integrate

Intapp empowers organizations to instantly provision or de-provision users. Intapp Integrate seamlessly integrates relevant applications and automatically creates and configures accounts in real time, in response to updates to HR applications or Active Directory. Most importantly, it provides email notification and logging to ensure there are no surprises. With native support for all key business applications, Intapp Integrate eliminates the inconvenience of manual user provisioning. Intapp can help firms eliminate the inconvenience of manual approaches to user account creation, and free IT from provisioning pain.

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