Matter Team Management

In some instances, adopting more formal confidential controls presents business process and user adoption challenges. That’s because an “open” model that gives users unlimited rights to internal information presents lawyers and staff with the fewest barriers to accessing client material and work product. And as much as the firm as a whole and sensitive clients in particular benefit from more formal, enforced restrictions, these may impact those accustomed to quick, unfettered access.

In practice, when adopting information security software, law firms commonly look to their risk or IT organizations to manage confidentiality restrictions internally. With Intapp Walls, these stakeholders use a single interface to manage the entire lifecycle of confidential matters — from defining wall access restrictions, to notifying affected users, to running audit reports.

The Problem

In some instances, firms may also wish to delegate limited administrative rights to lawyers responsible for individual matters. For example, practices or teams submitting a high volume of confidentiality change requests as team composition changes may benefit from shortened turnaround times and reduced disruptions with limited local control.

However manual security and legacy software approaches to confidentiality management do not provide matter teams with the ability to self-manage.

The Intapp Solution – Intapp Walls + Matter Team Manager

Intapp Wall’s Matter Team Manager module lets firms entrust helpdesk staff or designated lawyers with the ability to update security rules for individual clients or matters. It allows these authorized parties to add or remove users to a specific matter assignment and be subject to the confidentiality rules and permissions governing that matter — all in a controlled, tracked and auditable manner.

The software provides an intuitive web interface designed for lawyers and staff that provides a select view of users able to access confidential matters and the ability to change those permissions in several ways.

Most importantly, all security updates are validated by Intapp Walls which automatically cross-references assignments against existing security, ethical wall, information barrier and access control policies to ensure that additions do not contradict any other firm obligations or policies.

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