Today, mounting market forces are putting new demands on accounting firms to transform the way they operate in order to prosper in an extremely competitive environment. These include clients with escalating service expectations, increasing economic pressure, and a risk landscape marked by evolving regulatory rules, compliance requirements and professional standards.

In response, firms are looking to define new strategies that can be effectively implemented and consistently carried out, without reducing productivity, client service or productivity.

The Problem

Managing independence is integral to taking on new business, but what once was a straightforward process has grown in scope and complexity. Increasingly, firms must address not only the usual sources of independence impairment, such as partner holdings or the activities of other expanding service line offerings, but also project scope creep, shifting regulatory scrutiny, mergers (both firm and client) and international affiliates. Traditional approaches are not suited to meet current requirements:

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    They rely on email polls and search tools that lack the native intelligence to prioritize key results and separate the important hits from the raw results

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    They lack the ability dynamically tag key data that can improve future searches

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    They do not integrate with other firm systems, forcing firms to rely on manual workflows, limited reporting and visibility, and ineffective collaboration methods


The Solution – Intapp Open

Intapp Open provides a fresh approach to improving and documenting independence, rooted in clean data management and effective business process design and execution. It emphasizes ease of use (particularly on mobile devices) and ease of management (enabling firms to change their own workflows and reports without vendor dependence), and supports search and resolution practices that may be centralized, distributed among partners and practice leaders, or both, depending on firm preferences.

Intapp Open offers advanced search capabilities that cirumvent the need for email polls, and an integrated approval workflow which consolidates internal communication into a single, unified view. It also integrates and validates data from key business systems, de-duplicating results, enabling population of cleansed data back to source systems and automatically tagging key engagement information identified during intake or closing.


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