New Business Intake

When it comes to taking on new clients and matters/engagements, firms must navigate a complex series of risk issues, while addressing very real needs of a variety of participants. First and foremost, clients expect prompt action. Internally, lawyers and professionals share those expectations, which often compete with management interests to deliberately evaluate new business, marketing’s interest to collect detailed information, and finance’s objectives to ensure stable clients and prudent terms of engagement.

Given how difficult it is to reconcile these competing interests, it comes as no surprise that the most recent Risk Roundtable industry survey showed that 60% of firms are looking to update their intake processes and software. What’s more, new market dynamics are shifting the role new business intake plays in firm success.

Traditionally, intake focused on gathering client information, clearing conflicts, and enabling lawyers/professionals to start work. Now firms take a more strategic view. Striving to increase profitability and reduce risk, firms increasingly see business inception as an opportunity to develop a data-driven business and to foster a uniform culture of compliance.

The Problem

Technology has a critical role to play to manage process complexities and transform the data collected during intake into strategic insight to improve business performance. Yet traditional approaches are not suited to meet current industry requirements:

  • They make it difficult for lawyers and professionals to gather and enter required (and desired) information, encouraging them to avoid data entry when possible, thus depriving the firm of more detailed information for analysis and planning
  • They lack the flexibility required to update intake practices, which often must quickly evolve based on variables like client industry, matter/engagement type or shifting firm strategy
  • They help check the boxes of a rigid process, but can’t dynamically mediate increasingly frequent terms of business and outside counsel guidelines from clients, to enable firms to catalog, assess and properly response to new requests and requirements


The Solution – Intapp Open

Intapp Open is specifically designed to address the complex and evolving business inception landscape. It provides a modern interface and data integration capabilities that make it easy for lawyers, professionals and staff to input more information with less effort. It enables firms to define complex, nuanced processes themselves, so that they can update practices quickly as needs and priorities change. And it enables new levels of data analysis so that firms can make more informed decisions, faster, and then carry out their strategies in practice.


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