Entering Time

While many industry analysts have called for the death of the billable hour for some time, it’s not going away anytime soon. Headline-grabbing news on alternative fee trends aside, at their core, law firms remain professional services organizations that deliver skilled expertise to their clients and bill for their time.

Today, the billable hour remains the lifeblood of a law firm. And while technology has simplified lawyer time recording, the process is by no means as timely, efficient or comprehensive as it can or should be. These shortcomings negatively impact lawyers, finance staff and the firm’s bottom line.

The Problem

The impact of poor time recording can be significant. Multiple industry studies report that many lawyers regularly overlook or under-judge activity. One industry survey found that more than half of all lawyers fail to enter time on the same day work is recorded, with at least 30% waiting five or more days to do so. These patterns translate directly into significant revenue loss for firms.

Similarly, effective time recording has an inversely positive effect – one study highlights the strong correlation between good time hygiene and performance, revealing that lawyers who enter time promptly and accurately earn 15% more than their peers.

The challenge for law firms is putting policies, processes and tools in place that enable lawyers to record and document their activity in real time, or accurately reconstruct their efforts days after the fact – all without undue hassle, overhead or delay.

Unfortunately, legacy time entry tools built to replace paper-based methods have failed to evolve to address modern requirements. These include diverse lawyer time keeping styles, increasingly strong user experience preferences, mobile work styles, and other factors.

The Intapp Solution – Intapp Time

For law firms looking to speed and streamline lawyer time recording and associated billing and collections processes, Intapp offers the industry’s most advanced approach to time management, combining the most sophisticated time entry, automated time capture and mobile time recording capabilities

Unlike legacy approaches, Intapp delivers a proven, capture-centric approach to time recording coupled with time entry capabilities specifically designed to accommodate a variety of user preferences and styles.

Intapp enables lawyers to quickly track and enter time on desktop, laptop or mobile devices — regardless of where they are located or whether they have internet access or not. Delivered as stand-alone software with native clients supporting multiple platforms, and offering a highly-configurable interface, it’s been adopted by over 150,000 users.

  • icon quickly
    For lawyers accustomed to entering work contemporaneously, Intapp provides configurable “timers.”

  • cid prioritize
    For those who delegate entry to assistants, Intapp offers delegated access via an optional “secretary” mode.

  • icon phone
    For mobile lawyers, Intapp provides several options for remote entry and time management, including support for Apple iPhone and iPad devices

Developed for the modern age, Intapp’s fresh and innovative approach to time recording has seen broad adoption across the industry, earning high marks from lawyers, finance staff and IT.

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