Total Time Management

A new approach to time is key to unlocking the true costs of service
delivery and facilitating real business change.

The Problem

The way we work has changed dramatically over the years but time recording has remained largely stagnant - unloved, under-utilized and under-appreciated. It has long been seen as an admin-heavy function of billing, a one-dimensional task resented for its intrusion into the working day, a situation aggravated by the unnecessary complexity of the accompanying toolset.

And for too long, firms have dismissed the value of comprehensive, accurate time data sets, unable to see that time is actually multi-dimensional: Yes, it drives billing, but it also can inform pricing and resourcing, underpin alternative fee arrangements, support legal project management, enrich client relationships, and feed into the business intelligence matrix to help shape the modern professional services firm.

The Solution – Intapp Time

Intapp Time is a game-changer. It represents the next generation of timekeeping solutions, the modernizing of both applications and, critically, mindset to lighten the timekeeping burden and unlock time’s true value to the wider business.

While still recognizing the traditional disciplines and behaviors around time recording, we are evolving the technology and the thinking away from discrete components - so no more ‘just desktop’ or ‘stand-alone mobile app’ - and embracing instead a suitably unified solution, and the enabler of Total Time Management.

Intapp Time delivers a single, holistic experience for fee earners that is both device agnostic and location independent. It is, in short, your partner in time, and the cornerstone of our Total Time Management approach: facilitating comprehensive capture and compliant billing; enabling proactive monitoring and powerful analytics; and leveraging the resultant intelligence and insights to drive business transformation. 

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