Chief Financial Officer

Enabling the Business of the Firm

You are charged with overseeing firm financial operations. Your success depends on executing and improving the processes that enable the effective financial functioning of the firm. Your responsibilities typically include a mix of day-to-day responsibilities, business intelligence and strategic planning. Being effective in this role requires strong organization, analytic, project management, planning and communication skills.

  • You face a diverse set of challenges, including:
    • Maintaining an accurate and up-to-day understanding of utilization and WIP
    • Generating and distributing accurate, comprehensive bills to clients
    • Overseeing successful and timely client collections processes
    • Supporting prudent firm financial planning (proper leverage, business plan execution, etc.)
    • Keeping management audiences effectively apprised on present and forecasted firm cash flow and performance
    • Recommending discretionary investments in personnel, process and technology that can improve business performance
    • Conducting analysis and benchmarking to determine optimal staffing ratios and in support fixed and alternative fee agreements

    To be successful, you must deliver constant results and insight in the midst of a constantly changing business environment.

  • Intapp supports the success of finance managers by providing products that automate and streamline client lifecycle management and internal operations.

    Key Intapp benefits for finance management:

    • Software that Streamlines Finance ProcessesIntapp Open enhances new business intake by speeding the process and allowing finance to better evaluate the financial health of new clients, the strategic alignment of new matters, and specific terms of business. Intapp Integrate automates a broad variety of manual processes, including event-driven reporting and data management critical to timely and accurate analytics. This automation also frees finance staff for more pressing projects and responsibilities (or avoiding the need to expand headcount to increase productivity).
    • Software that Accelerates Time Entry, Billing and Collections –The efficient execution of the time management lifecycle is critical to law firm success. Intapp Time allows firms to accelerate lawyer entry velocity (avoiding the “end of month” entry deluge many firms face). At the same time, it increases time record accuracy and narrative detail, reducing occasions for write-downs or client disputes. More timely entry also greatly enhances finance visibility earlier each month.

    Intapp products enable finance departments to improve their effectiveness by making better use of the information within their organization.