Executive Director / COO

Managing Firm Operations

You oversee the business operations of the firm. Your success depends on driving day-to-day and year-to-year performance of the business. That performance includes both financial and operational metrics. To do this, you must put policies, practices, tools and resources in place that enable lawyers to focus on serving clients, without distraction. This requires strong management, motivational, diplomatic and strategic planning skills.

  • In addition to overseeing ongoing business operations, you face a significant set of challenges, including:
    • Aligning business operations to execute the objectives of the partnership
    • Synthesizing operational and performance data to refine firm strategy, working in conjunction with the Managing Partner and Executive Committee
    • Managing a diverse set of operational departments, comprising broad range of responsibilities
    • Providing financial and technical infrastructure necessary to maximize lawyer productivity, drive business efficiency and maintain firm competitive advantage
    • Setting and managing staffing levels best configured to balance business process and budgetary needs
    • Scrutinizing lawyer utilization, billing activity and business development expectations to understand short and long term financial

    To be successful, you must do everything possible to enable lawyers to be effective and the firm to be profitable in the midst of ever-changing market conditions, rising competitive pressures and increasing client demands.


  • Intapp supports the success of executive management stakeholders by providing products and services that significantly enhance the execution of their fundamental mission and objectives.

    Key Intapp benefits for firm management:

    • Software that Catalyzes Business GrowthIntapp Open improves new business acceptance by delivering fast response to lawyers and enabling management review of matters to better align client selection with overall business strategy. Intapp Walls enables firms to aggressively respond to RFPs and competitively differentiate themselves before increasingly sensitive clients.
    • Software that Catalyzes Business Efficiency – Intapp products automate operational burdens. Intapp Time enables lawyers to focus on being lawyers (instead of clerks) by automating and significantly streamlining time recording. It also collects data that serves as a foundation for enhanced project management and AFA planning. Intapp Integrate automates manual processes burdening staff, freeing them for more pressing projects and responsibilities (or avoiding the need to expand headcount).

    Intapp offers a portfolio of products uniquely positioned to enhance firm efficiency, growth and profitability. That, coupled with a proven track record and unmatched adoption across the industry, is why law firms consistently choose Intapp and adopt multiple products.