Chief Risk Officer

Protecting the Firm

You oversee the firm’s risk portfolio. You may be a partner designated as general counsel or a risk expert specifically charged with firm governance and compliance. Your success depends on judiciously balancing the need to protect the firm without paralyzing productivity through burdensome overhead, red tape and oversight. This requires wisdom, courage, patience and strong communication and persuasion skills.

  • In addition to managing day-to-day compliance efforts, you face a broad range of challenges, including:
    • Identifying, evaluating and prioritizing risk concerns amidst a constantly evolving landscape
    • Educating firm management, lawyers and staff about the importance of investing in risk management and respecting firm response policies
    • Streamlining and revising internal processes to increase protections while reducing perceived overhead
    • Supporting business development activities by advancing the value of firm compliance capabilities as a competitive advantage and client benefit
    • Maintaining an active understanding of shifting industry concerns, practices and standards, including evolving case law, regulatory changes and peer response approaches
    • Making the business case and securing budget for staff and software critical to scaling firm risk management efforts
    To be successful, you must improve the firm’s overall risk profile by investing in new policies, new technology and new processes. At the same time, you must educate stakeholders and overcome perceptions that risk management is a theoretical good, but a practical barrier to business performance, lawyer productivity or firm profitability.
  • Intapp supports risk leaders by providing unique focus and perspective on information risk management, developed by engaging directly with industry practitioners, insurance stakeholders and clients.

    Key Intapp benefits for risk leaders:

    • Unmatched Industry Insight – Intapp supports risk professionals as a trusted partner, providing direct, distilled expertise via formal consulting and informal advising. More importantly, Intapp customers gain access to a peer community focused on mutual support and exchange via programs like the Risk Roundtable and Compliance Consortium.
    • Software that Delivers Best Practices – Intapp provides software specifically designed to address increasingly stringent standards of care. Broadly adopted, and supplemented with firm-specific training and advice, these tools limit risk exposure, streamline legacy processes and free risk professionals from the need to re-invent the expertise of their peers.

    The focus on understanding true underlying needs and delivering technology that addresses those needs (and continues to evolve to address emerging trends), is why so many law firm risk leaders choose to partner with Intapp.