Applications Administrator / DBA

Part Mr. Scott, Part Dr. McCoy

You are on the front lines – maintaining, upgrading, customizing and extending software systems and services. Your success depends on nothing bad happening. It also depends on working with a team to evolve the scope and quality of software and services provided to end users. This requires mastering the technologies under your control, often developing an understanding of third-party software that’s deeper than most of the people at the companies that built them.

  • You face any number of challenges, including:
    • Addressing diverse requirements set out by business and administrative users
    • Preventing disruptions to service, downtime, process errors or loss of data
    • Keeping underlying infrastructure and data stores optimized and responsive
    • Supporting the deployment of new systems and the upgrade of existing software
    • Building custom enhancements to address specific firm needs (often having to work around the limitations in packaged software with custom code and scripts)
    • Collaborating with owners of software systems that interface with or depend on systems under your control

    To be successful, you must keep the engines humming and internal users productive. To excel, you must make the case for investments in tools, process changes and projects that might not be easily understood by less technical stakeholders, but can significantly enhance your own productivity and the scope and quality of service provided to end users.

  • Intapp provides application and database owners with software tools, templates and support specifically designed to make their lives easier and their days more productive.

    Key Intapp benefits for application administrators and DBAs:

    • The Most Effective Way to Manage System Data – Intapp Integrate eliminates the need for “from scratch” custom coding and development, with all of its associated delays, debugging and difficulties. It does more than provide "drag and drop," real-time data communication, it also makes it quick and easy to address application-specific projects like event driven reporting and system monitoring.
    • New Levels of Data Integrity Protection – With Intapp, the days of manually parsing through log files when custom build scripts have errored out are over. When source or destination systems go offline, Intapp Integrate provides automatic data quality and continuity to protect the integrity and ensure delivery of firm information. When things are back to normal, queued updates are carried out and administrators notified.

    Furnished with proven tools that help them do more work, in less time, and with less headache – hundreds of application administrators and DBAs are enthusiastic members of the growing Intapp customer community.