Chief Technology Officer

Managing the Business and Operations of IT

You are ultimately responsible for addressing the firm’s technology and information management needs. Your success depends on enabling lawyer and business stakeholder productivity, helping the firm grow, enhancing client service, and managing a broad risk portfolio. This requires many qualities, including business acumen, leadership and a strong grasp of technology.

  • In addition to forward-looking strategic planning, you face a multitude of challenges, including:
    • Responding to business initiatives identified in conjunction with firm management
    • Overseeing investment priorities, controlling costs and negotiating for necessary resources
    • Increasing firm competitive advantage in the marketplace through the astute application of technology
    • Mitigating risks of disruptions that impact lawyers, business processes or firm compliance obligations
    • Motivating an often diverse IT team of technical, project management, business analysis and subject matter experts
    • Executing projects on time and on budget

    In the midst of this, you must manage a complex web of software, vendor and consultant relationships (all presenting variable levels of quality, predictability and flexibility).


  • Intapp is committed to supporting the success of customer CIOs and has developed a reputation as a trusted strategic partner and advisor to IT heads at firms of all sizes, across the globe.

    Key Intapp benefits for IT leaders:

    • Strategic Software Solutions – Never content to be a “me too” software company, Intapp focuses on delivering products that address the top technology challenges facing law firms. In some instances, this means creating new technologies to address new problems, like confidentiality management. In others, it means taking a fresh and modern look at a "legacy" category ripe for innovation, like time recording.
    • Delivery that Aligns with IT Needs – As part of a commitment to putting customer needs first, Intapp offers a recurring license model that incentivizes exceptional support and ongoing innovation, and a fixed-fee services model that shifts the risk from the customer to Intapp. This approach provides IT leaders with greater peace of mind and security.

    The overall focus on addressing the specific needs of IT management, coupled with a proven track record, is why law firms that license one Intapp product typically choose Intapp again when facing challenges in the other areas we address. And it’s why prospective clients are always encouraged to talk to peer references – to put these claims to the test and hear firsthand for themselves what it’s like to work with Intapp.