• Adams Nye Becht

    "The program is running beautifully. It's one of those rare programs that regularly functions just the way it should."
    – Director of Operations

  • Baker & Hostetler

    "Intapp Time access on iPad and iPhone devices will be eagerly welcomed by our lawyers and staff. Our Intapp Time project has been an enormous success for the firm, producing a rapid, measurable return on investment, and earning significantly positive feedback from our end users."
    – Chief Information Officer

  • Best Best & Krieger

    "I love it. I use it every day and find that it allows me to keep close track of my time when I am out of the office at meetings or client offices."
    – Partner

  • Bingham Greenebaum Doll

    "We observed that our lawyers were waiting an average of 5 days to submit time entries for services rendered, which meant short-duration activities were often overlooked. Intapp Time automatically captures that billable time so nothing slips through the cracks. And because Intapp Time puts comprehensive information right at each lawyer's fingertips, they spend less time creating time entries and more time working on client matters."
    – Chief Operating Officer

  • Clarke Willmott

    "The firm's board chartered a strategic effort to revise internal time recording policies and procedures in order to enhance firm financial performance and improve client billing practices. Intapp Time enables us to achieve our objectives and realise significant business benefits, without creating additional burdens for fee earners."
    – Partner

  • Clayton Utz

    "We undertook a strategic initiative to improve the ease and effectiveness by which fee earners capture and record their daily matter activity. Our lawyers have needed little convincing to adopt Intapp Time because it makes their working day so much easier. Intapp Time automatically provides them with a clean, comprehensive and categorised record of their billable work so that they spend less time tracking their actions, and more time acting on behalf of clients."
    – National IT Director

  • Cozen O'Connor

    "Overall, it has helped boost productivity. Timers are being picked up and used, saving time and hassle. Rollout of the product was extremely quick and efficient. From the day the contract was signed to the last office deployment, the whole process was complete in only two months. We fielded surprisingly few help desk calls, and our lawyers and staff voiced their appreciation for the upgrade."
    – Chief Information Officer

  • DLA Piper US

    "When I was initially invited to the pilot I was skeptical because I’ve always considered myself to be a fairly careful time keeper and have used a system that I thought worked well for me… In the first two days of using Intapp Time to double check myself I realized that I was not capturing a number of transactions with my clients that were occurring outside the office."
    – Partner

  • Duane Morris

    "Many attorneys wait until the end of the month to enter their time. In doing that, it’s clear that time has to be missed. It’s just impossible to reconstruct a month in a day. We also believed that work done out of the office was missed… and we confirmed this with the attorneys. We looked at Intapp Time, felt it was a very good solution that worked behind the scenes and didn’t require attorneys to do much… We had confidence in the vendor based on how many years experience they had doing this and on how far the technology had matured."
    – Chief Information Officer

  • DWF

    "Intapp Time provides our firm with a transparent tool that will dramatically streamline the ability of fee-earners to accurately record and document all work performed for clients, while reducing billing process overhead and providing firm management with expanded information for profitability analysis," said Andrea Brian. We chose Intapp Time because it's been successfully adopted by several peer firms and we see a clear path to a rapid return on our investment."
    – Head of Programme Management

  • Field Fisher Waterhouse

    "Our firm made a strategic investment in Intapp Time to ensure that our time recording processes are as efficient and effective as possible, particularly for those fee-earners who work on many matters concurrently and away from our offices. We're very pleased that the success we've achieved with the product has been recognized by the industry. With the automated daily journal provided by Intapp Time, our fee earners are finding significant additional billable time with no additional work or effort, and our finance department is able to provide clients with more detailed accounting of lawyer activity."
    – IT Director

  • Fishburns

    "It was critical that we select a time capture product that can operate on our virtualised desktops and fit into our existing IT infrastructure. Intapp Time fit the bill on all accounts. Because of the maturity of the product, we expect the implementation to take just a few months and expect broad internal adoption among fee earners."
    – IT Director

  • Halloran & Sage

    “We implemented Intapp Time a little over a year ago, and can safely say that our investment has paid off significantly. We conducted an internal survey to gauge the success of the product, and nearly fifty percent of all timekeepers reported that they captured otherwise lost billable activity using Intapp Time, averaging five hours per month per timekeeper. Those incremental gains translate into a significant increase in revenue for the firm. In addition, the vast majority of our lawyers find that Intapp Time’s organized activity reports facilitate time entry, freeing up more time for them to act on behalf of clients.”
    – Chief Operating Officer

  • Henry Davis York

    "Intapp Time offered a robust solution with a quick return on our investment. It is an intuitive product, which has improved our users approach to time recording and capture. This has revolutionised the way we record time and billable hours... We’ve noticed significant behavioural changes in the firm; with some users who previously used manual timesheets now choosing to use it and they are seeing immediate benefits."
    – Chief Financial Officer

  • King & Wood Mallesons

    “We got Intapp to present Intapp Time to our managing partner and I don’t think that Intapp actually left the building before the decision was made to invest... Based on the current hundred timekeepers that are using Intapp Time, we’re expecting to increase our revenues by approximately 1.6 million pounds. And that is considerably in excess, way, way in excess of any cost that we could possibly incur in actually having to implement it. So the return of investment is very clear, it’s paid for itself in a matter of weeks and we are very, very pleased with that.”
    – Finance Director

  • Lander & Rogers

    "Intapp Time is a great product that adapts easily to how lawyers want to work. Lawyers who find traditional timesheets too time-consuming have been delighted to find a pre-populated report to work from. Lawyers who are already avid timekeepers have found it a useful tool for checking the accuracy of their records."
    – Director of Technology and Innovation

  • Lewis Silkin

    "We arranged for the departmental finance partners to see a demonstration of the Intapp Time product, and immediately they saw a product which could not only add value to our current systems, but also one which should save each of them many hours per year in administrative time. The management board made the unanimous decision to deploy Intapp Time a few days later."
    – Director of IT and Operations

  • McDermott Will & Emery

    "While technology very often makes our lives easier, it is rare when one can say that it truly changed their professional life. The availability of our new time entry software on my iPhone and iPad has truly changed my professional life. It has given me the ability to enter my time pretty much anywhere, at anytime, with much less burden."
    Senior Partner

  • Miles Stockbridge

    "Our firm sees tremendous opportunity to improve profitability and lawyer quality of life by automating time capture. We conducted peer reference checks and detailed evaluations of two products and quickly confirmed that Intapp Time offered unrivaled data matching intelligence and ease of use, both of which are critical to lawyer adoption and success with this class of software."
    – Chief Information Officer

  • Minter Ellison SA/NT

    "We selected Intapp Time because we wanted to provide our lawyers with the most advanced time capture technology available. After evaluating other options on the market, we quickly confirmed that Intapp Time offers the most comprehensive monitoring, the most sophisticated categorisation and the most intuitive user experience. We were similarly impressed with Intapp's product vision and roadmap, which promises significant enhancements that will benefit our firm for years to come."
    – Director of Technology Services

  • Orrick

    "We undertook a strategic initiative to address the time management challenges facing our attorneys and the billing preferences of clients. Intapp Time promises to provide significant benefits to our firm, delivered by a vendor with a demonstrated history of excellent customer support."
    – Controller of Operations

  • Osborne Clarke

    "We chose Intapp because we felt the software and support they offer will deliver considerable benefit to our lawyers. We evaluated a number of offerings, but quickly determined that Intapp provides the most modern and intuitive user experience, along with unique features that will significantly simplify and streamline lawyer time recording. We're particularly excited about Intapp's integration of sophisticated, automated time capture capabilities into the product. And we appreciate that Intapp has cultivated productive partnerships and product integrations with other industry vendors, including Thomson Elite, provider of our practice management software."
    – IT Director

  • "Our firm needed a time capture solution proven to work with our billing system. Intapp Time's compatibility, ease of integration and wide array of user-friendly features were perfect for us. We have gotten nothing but positive feedback from our timekeepers which of course makes the transition easier on everyone."
    – Controller

  • Stephenson Harwood

    "Our lawyers routinely work on client matters when they are travelling and outside the office. They needed a time recording system that could support their working practices... Because the system is user friendly and accessible, our lawyers have started capturing billable time that would have been lost simply because the work was undertaken outside the office."
    IT Director

  • Stites & Harbison

    "Intapp Time simplifies and streamlines our lawyers' efforts to record time on the same day that work is performed by providing them with a roll-up of their billable activity that's automatically grouped and assigned accurate client matter codes. We're very pleased with the quality and capability of the software, which has proven to be quite popular. Today two-thirds of our timekeepers use Intapp Time, frequently finding several hours of missed or under-billed activity each month, which directly impacts firm profitability and financial performance."
    – IT Director

  • Taylor Vinters

    "Lawyers shouldn't have to spend a lot of time on administrative tasks. We wanted to reduce the time and effort lawyers spend reconstructing their activity, and help them capture a more accurate record of client work as it happens. Intapp Time will help to achieve this while adapting to the way lawyers work. The flexibility, the ease of use, and the strong mobile solution were important criteria in selecting Intapp Time over other alternatives."
    – Director of IT

  • Taylor Wessing

    "The product's comprehensive time-recording facilities and user friendly interface make time recording a strategy as well as a solution. It is one of the few products clearly written with the user in mind."
    IT Director

  • Veale Wasbrough Vizards

    "Our search for a new practice management system presented the perfect opportunity to upgrade our time entry software. Intapp has an impressive track record in passive time capture as well as mobile time recording, and excellent integration with leading business systems. We’re also impressed with the depth of Intapp’s expertise in analytics. Intapp Time will enhance the accuracy and efficiency of time recording, and help provide valuable insight into business performance."
    – Head of Finance

  • Waller Lansden

    "We wanted a way to provide our clients with more detailed bills, reduce the hassles attorneys face in tracking and recording their time, and speed collections. We looked at the available options and Intapp Time stood out as the right product, and Intapp the right partner, to help us achieve these important goals."
    – Executive Director

  • Webber Wentzel

    "We strive to deliver a distinctive and tailored service to our clients and are always looking for new ways to connect and engage more effectively. We believe that Intapp software will provide the integrated platform that we need to minimise the administrative burden on busy fee earners and allow them to focus on client service, whilst also providing our clients with an accurate, timely report of work in progress."
    – Managing Partner

  • Withers

    "The response from the user community has been very positive – Intapp Time is solving genuine problems fee earners experience with time entry. It’s helping fee earners find additional time and has paid for itself."
    – Finance Director

  • Wragge & Co

    "Intapp Time facilitates our lawyers’ ability to accurately and quickly record their time. The product has been a great success at our firm, with many lawyers reporting that it increases their efficiency and helps them reconstruct activity from prior days to fill any gaps. Most importantly, an overwhelming majority have said they would recommend Intapp Time to a colleague."
     Finance Director