Key Features

time bulb blue2There’s a reason that time recording has become one of the most dynamic arenas within professional services: we’ve redefined it.

Leveraging the lessons learned serving over 200,000 users over two decades, Intapp Time delivers a next generation solution that minimizes timekeeper effort but maximizes business value.


• One Seamless System

Intapp Time delivers all the functionality with none of the complexity. Instead of discrete components for entry and capture, desktop and mobile, there is one universal interface that you can access wherever and whenever you need to, online or offline. Behind it sits a single system, straightforward to deploy, easy to manage, and prime for continued enhancement. It integrates with all leading practice management and accounting systems, with a single window view overlaying the bi-directional flow of time, matter and client data.

• Choice of Delivery Platform

Intapp Time can be rolled out on premises or alternatively hosted within our own private Cloud, bringing enterprise software and the benefits of Software as a Service to firms of all sizes. By bringing Total Time Management to the Cloud, we’re making the world’s most advanced time application available with  faster speed of deployment, lower Total Cost of Ownership, reduced in-house resource requirement, improved resilience and availability, heightened data security, and automatic technology refresh and version updates.


Intapp Time has been designed to be everyone’s perfect ‘partner in time’. We’ve drawn on all our collective experience and poured that into a flexible, adaptive solution that you can use any which you want, be that a style mandated at firm level or dictated by personal preference: contemporaneous or reconstructionist, autonomous entry or passive activity tracking, or a pragmatic mix to reflect the realities of today’s timekeeping. You don’t need to worry about the how, rather reap the rewards of how much.

Device Agnostic

Intapp Time goes where you go, and is available wherever you need it to be, from your desktop to your laptop to your smart device. Our commitment to native application development ensures that users can work comfortably within familiar environments without losing any features or functionality. This includes tablet versions that take full advantage of the extra screen real estate those devices offer. We offer an exceptional user experience across iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry, leveraging our expertise in mobile app development and intuitive interface design to drive instant engagement.

Fast, flexible interface

Intapp Time provides a responsive, configurable interface that lets timekeepers see, manage and record activity in the way that works best for them – seamlessly, effortlessly, wherever they are, whatever device they’re using. A familiar, Outlook-like planner offers daily, weekly and monthly work views. Integrated dashboards display entries by client or matter/engagement and other metrics. And utilities like real-time synchronization, offline access, and delegate rights, plus enhancements such as user-defined narrative short codes, auto-fill, template and cloning further simplify the mechanics of time recording.

Comprehensive compliance capability

Intapp Time provides point-of-entry compliance with billing guidelines and outside counsel guidelines, giving timekeepers instant feedback that allows them to correct errors on the spot, as well as enforcement of information barriers and phase/task activity code requirements. The net result is accelerated bill generation, fewer potential queries and write-downs, and a reduction of ethical risk.

Higher quality data

Intapp Time minimizes the risk of fee-earners forgetting to record, or under-recording, their time or recording it with insufficient narrative detail. It provides timekeepers with an accurate, consolidated report of their client- and matter-/engagement-related activity, generated by the automatic background monitoring of the key applications in use (document creation, email, calendar, phone, mobile devices). Durations and client codes are automatically assigned and converting ‘found’ time to a time entry is simple - just drag and drop. Not only does this typically deliver an additional 2-4 hours of billable activity each month back to the fee earner, it also helps build a much more accurate, complete set of time data for the business to leverage.

Business influencer

As the enabler of Total Time Management, Intapp Time provides more than just billing content: real-time monitoring and actionable analytics are unlocking deeper insights and richer outcomes, driving better project management, pricing innovation, costing accuracy, fee earner support, resource optimization, situational awareness -- and ultimately greater business control and stronger client relationships.