Intapp’s time recording software has evolved over the years to become the sector’s most advanced solution, with an enduring popularity illustrated by its 200,000 users across more than 400 firms.

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The latest iteration represents the ultimate alignment of our software with today’s progressive thinking around timekeeping – and the biggest shift in how time is viewed and valued by today’s professional services firms.

Together we are moving beyond the traditional relationship between time and billing, encouraging clients to extract greater business value from their time data and helping them gauge the true costs of service delivery – an approach we call Total Time Management.

In parallel, we are moving away from the traditionally discrete components of entry, capture, desktop and mobile. Instead, we are embracing a suitably unified solution, and the enabler of Total Time Management.


Introducing Total Time Management with Intapp Time

  • Time should no longer be viewed one dimensionally as hours to be billed. Today, time is multi-dimensional, driving billing, yes, but also informing pricing and resourcing, supporting alternative fee structures, underpinning legal project management, enriching client relationships, feeding into the business intelligence matrix to further illumine decision-making and shape the modern legal practice.