Total Time Management

Intapp Time underpins a new mindset - Total Time Management. Firms need to stop seeing timekeeping purely as a one dimensional, administrative function of billing and to start seeing it in the round and in its broader business context.

It’s not just about what you’ve got, in terms of data collected, it’s about everything you can do with that information. And it’s that thinking that has led to a fundamental recasting of how we see time recording today:

product ttm input product ttm output product ttm outcomes
The accurate, comprehensive, high velocity, compliant recording of all time – chargeable and non-chargeable, not just target hours

Monitoring to support
effective project
management; analysis to generate intelligence and
inform decision-making

Leveraging analytical
insights and socializing
results to effect
transformative change
across the practice

It’s no longer about simply recording fee earner time, although we’ve invested heavily in making that as slick, effortless and accurate as possible. It doesn’t stop at having real-time metrics to track progress against budget or even advanced analytics to drill down into performance and profitability. Intapp goes further, putting time data at the heart of the practice and right in the business intelligence mix to help direct, enhance and shape today’s professional services firm.

For so long time has been all about maximizing the bill, but now it’s more about optimizing the business. To track all your time is to know all your costs, and that sort of atomic knowledge is a powerful catalyst for positive change. It is fundamental to:

  • Assessing the performance and profitability of matters, teams, fee earners and clients

  • Devising innovative fee structures and pricing plays that allow you to aggressively compete and impress whilst preserving profitability

  • Underpinning effective project management, with historic data helping to define time/cost/resources for tasks and phases on similar matter profiles

  • Driving up client satisfaction, with transparency of matter progress against budget, greater visibility of value and more proactive, informed communication

  • Identifying the appropriate resources for a particular worktype or client project

  • Gaining unprecedented awareness of operational effectiveness across departments, teams and individuals

  • Building the right work environment for your firm, its fee earners and staff  -- one that allows people to play to their talents and be appropriately supported, boosting satisfaction, engagement and output


Intapp is key to securing all of this and more. For those championing the modern professional services business, this is your time.