Accelerating digital transformation by embedding a digital culture

  • Legal

What does it mean to have a digital culture and why is it important? How can embedding a digital culture across your organization successfully drive digital transformation?

Digital transformation is not simply about upgrading or replacing technology. It’s about creating appropriate operational structures and shifting the mindsets and capabilities of leaders (and their staff) to be able to apply digital techniques internally and for client service delivery. This helps to improve client engagement, deliver greater operational effectiveness, better manage risk, and create more sustainable levels of revenue and profitability.

To answer these questions, Intapp has partnered with DEfactoED, a pioneer of digital learning. In this webinar, we’ll explore how firms have overcome traditional blockers to facilitating digital change by developing a “case for change”, incorporating a robust change strategy and embedding a digital culture in their organizational DNA.

Join us to hear perspectives from a panel of technology strategists, digital learning experts and law firm leaders: Madaser Yousaf, Director at Intapp Strategic Consulting; David Knight, Chairman & Director of Innovation at DEfactoED; Matthias Lichtblau, Executive Director at CMS; and Scott Cochrane, Corporate Partner at HSF.