Intapp Connect Virtual Summit – IT and Innovation Session

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  • Capital Markets
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  • Financial Services
  • Investment Banking
  • Legal
  • Professional Services

CIOs find themselves on the front lines, enabling their firms to remain connected in this time of social distancing. As we move toward a new normal, innovation can help firms deliver exceptional client experiences and drive operational effectiveness. But — despite having unprecedented amounts of technology at their fingertips — IT efforts fail to produce expected outcomes due to siloed data, disjointed processes, and unintuitive user experiences.

With an integrated platform and modern technology, CIOs can overcome these obstacles. The right technology “building blocks” can help unify and streamline data and processes across the firm. As a result, the connected firm enables rapid decision making, enhances team- and client-level collaboration, and provides personalized experiences for its leaders and professionals.

Join Jose Lazares, Vice President of Product and Innovation at Intapp, and John Arsneault, CIO at Goulston & Storrs, to learn how the Intapp cloud platform provides the core technology services and frameworks that allow technology teams to innovate:

  • Enabling seamless data flow and synchronization across the firm
  • Connecting and combining information throughout the client lifecycle in intelligent, strategic ways that give firm leadership 360-degree, always-available, real-time visibility into the business
  • Creating personalized experiences that spur meaningful action.