Going Deep on Law Firm Profitability

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The subject of law firm profitability has become popular recently – and for good reason. With real business forces impacting firms, lawyers can no longer avoid the subject. Most of the programs out there have taken a decidedly limited look at the subject, given that most in the industry are still getting to know it. This program is going to move well beyond that “shallow” look, diving deeper into the forces driving firm margins and exploring how and where firms can have the greatest impact on the bottom-line.

This program also takes a unique approach, bringing together two experts with deep knowledge on profitability – from competing legal technology companies. LVN has made it a core value of including providers as equals in our community. This is a first example of that core value and we look forward to bringing more content like this going forward.

Join this session to get a more rounded, more complete understanding of law firm profitability.