Leveraging Business-Value Forecasting

  • Legal

No one knows what the next normal will look like, yet it’s imperative that business-of-law professionals exert their substantial influence onto what it should look like. Our industry finds itself in an in-between space, in a time that has shown us that our old ways of working can — and should — be left behind. For law firms, this revelation presents a universe of options for improving the ways they drive growth.

Many law firms have ignored the act of forecasting, a best-practices mainstay in other industries. By doing so, these firms are hampering their opportunities for success. Business leaders in other fields know that forecasting can add a level of predictability — a backdrop against which your firm can build strategies, resource projects, and measure success. So why isn’t the practice of forecasting more widespread — and what can be done to change this reality?

Join Intapp Chief Product Officer Thad Jampol, Perkins Coie Chief Practice Management Officer Toby Brown, and Intapp Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing Pam Smith as they share insights on why it’s time to shift away from our industry’s pre-pandemic thinking and embrace the practice of setting goals — and meeting them — to build lasting success.

This session will explore our new reality and demonstrate how firms can confidently deploy their new forecasting skills to illuminate insights and leverage long-term advantage.