Timekeeping and Profitable Delivery

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  • Intapp Time

This event — designed for Portuguese clients and interested firm representatives — was facilitated in English and Portuguese.

Hourly rates continue to serve as the building blocks for all fee arrangements, which means accurate time recording is here to stay.
In this session, we’ll explore ways law firms collaborate with their lawyers to improve time capture and understand how this effort underpins profitable service delivery models. Law firm leaders will share their views, and experts will demonstrate how modern technology can improve time recording.

We’ll explore a number of profitability-related topics, including:

  • Whether billable-hour targets offer an effective mechanism to measure lawyer performance
  • How modern law firms help their lawyers reduce leakage and record more time
  • How a shift in the complexity of client billing resulted in increased bill rejections and write-offs
  • What impact this shift has had on profitability and client satisfaction, and how firms can address the challenge