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    Transform Microsoft Teams into a modern legal desktop that users love

Microsoft Teams has become a lawyers’ go-to tool for collaboration, but many law firms are using the tool in its native form, without effective governance controls in place and without having the platform optimized for the legal sector.

Intapp Workspaces is a powerful extension to Microsoft Teams, expanding the platform into a personalized collaboration tool for law firms for both internal and external use. With auto-provisioned workspaces, templates, streamlined lifecycle management, and document management system integration, users can intuitively and efficiently collaborate on complex legal matters.


Enable a modern way of working

Lawyers can use matter-centric workspaces and collaboration tools to access, organize, and share matter-related content. The platform integrates with popular document management systems and offers Microsoft Power BI Reports and co-authoring for improved productivity.

Reduce risk and manage confidentiality

A law firm’s reputation is everything, so keeping client data safe is paramount. Intapp offers automated ethical wall enforcement, seamless Intapp Intake integration, secure Microsoft Teams management, and a content connector for document management systems.

Exceed client expectations

Clients are demanding more. You can update them more easily and efficiently with a single, intuitive interface for accessing and managing matter information across different systems and platforms. You can also avoid endless email chains by chatting and sharing files of any size with clients in your own Microsoft Teams tenant in a secure shared channel. 

Intapp Workspaces is purpose built for law firms


Intapp Workspaces enhances a lawyer’s ability to serve clients by consolidating teams and matters into a single, streamlined platform. With easy team creation and appropriate channels, your lawyers can seamlessly collaborate and manage tasks. Instead of your lawyers having to search through lengthy email threads for information and files, they can find files and information in secure channels.

Intapp Workspaces standardizes matter handling processes, accelerates case completion, streamlines matter workflow, and enhances knowledge management. With access to industry templates, a centralized document repository, and standardized workflows by practice area, it also increases practice-based collaboration. 

IT leaders

Intapp Workspaces enables a modern way of working, optimizing Microsoft Teams to greatly improve matter management and collaboration with matter-centric workspaces, a content connector, Power BI reports, and co-authoring capabilities. By providing a seamless experience for your firm’s lawyers, your IT team will have highly satisfied users and avoid the hassles of patchwork solutions. By automating workflows and improving collaboration, Intapp Workspaces also enhances data accuracy.

In addition, Intapp Workspaces automates ethical walls, connects to intake solutions, enhances security, and auto-archives matters for improved compliance, efficiency, and reduction in Teams sprawl. 

Security, risk and compliance leaders

Intapp Workspaces helps to reduce risk and manage client confidentiality. To achieve this, firms can automate ethical walls enforcement, integrate the intake process, securely manage Microsoft Teams, connect to legacy DMS, and utilize shared channels for client updates.  

With Intapp Workspaces, you’ll also reduce Microsoft Teams sprawl and standardize your deployments with templates and automated workflows. With Intapp Intake and Intapp Walls, you can restrict access to those actually working on the matter. In addition, Intapp Workspaces enables data retention control in Microsoft Teams. 

We have a proven roadmap for helping law firms optimize Microsoft Teams and achieve greater efficiency, productivity, and success


Intapp Workspaces

Intapp Workspaces leverages a firm’s investment in Microsoft 365 to create the ultimate collaborative environment tailored to the unique workflows, regulatory requirements, and user experience expectations of legal professionals.

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