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Improve time capture, discover unreleased time, and view noncompliant time entries

Law firms that use Intapp Time and Intapp Billstream can now take advantage of new features that further improve time capture, billing, and client and firm compliance. Below, we look at these features and how they help your firm precisely capture all its time and accelerate revenue collection.

Accelerate collection by discovering captured but unreleased time

A new feature in both Intapp Billstream and Intapp Time helps your time and billing administrators see when your lawyers and other timekeepers have captured time that they haven’t yet finalized and “released” to the financial management system.

With visibility into this unreleased time, your admins can follow up with reminders to complete the time entry and transmit it to your firm’s financial management system. By accelerating this process, your firm can invoice for completed work sooner.

With Intapp Time, users can also view unreleased time that is not compliant with client or firm requirements. This detail will inform how admins follow up with the timekeepers and help establish future best practices.

Reduce system switching by generating PDFs within Intapp Billstream

Intapp Billstream users can now generate PDF previews of their proforma bills, so they no longer need to log into their FMS to preview them. Intapp Billstream admins can also print the proformas for lawyers who prefer paper reviews.  

Record time more precisely with Adobe tab capture

With the latest update, Intapp Time can now record time spent on tasks in Adobe Acrobat more precisely. For example, if a lawyer has multiple tabs open within Adobe Acrobat, Intapp Time captures how much time they spend on each tab. So, if they spend 36 minutes reviewing one contract in a tab, and 42 minutes reviewing a different agreement in a second tab, Intapp Time will accurately record the time spent on these two separate matters. The software then uses AI to populate the time narrative for each tab and activity.

Accurately capture details about Microsoft Teams meetings

At a time when virtual meetings have become the norm, Intapp Time’s updated integration with Microsoft Teams now captures virtual meeting details directly into Intapp Time. This feature accurately records the duration and title of each meeting as well as the meeting participants, creating draft time entries that are more detailed and accurate than those captured from Microsoft Outlook appointments. This integration not only saves time but also ensures that you capture every billable minute spent in virtual meetings.

Share time entries for billing consistency

Another new feature that further improves timekeeping for meetings is the ability to share time entries with other users. For example, if three lawyers attend a meeting with the client, one of the lawyers can create the time entry for that meeting and share that entry with the other two lawyers. As a result, when your firm bills the client for each lawyer’s time at a meeting, the client sees that each lawyer reports a consistent total time and narrative for the meeting.

Give your users an intuitive system that works with your FMS

These new and existing features add up to an intuitive user experience — one that makes it easy for your firm’s professionals to work together to get accurate bills out the door. Moreover, our cloud-based solutions don’t put any additional strain on your firm’s financial management system (FMS).

Your firm can test out these solutions’ new features and experience their benefits by contacting us below.