Pipeline and deal management software for financial and professional services firms

Intapp DealCloud pipeline and deal management

Fast-track deal execution using precise pipeline insights

Understand your firm’s deal flow and relationships via comprehensive views of every deal moving through the pipeline. Intapp DealCloud gives your team a transparent, single source of real-time data — so you can make faster, smarter decisions throughout the entire deal and client lifecycle.

Create a central hub for pipeline and deal execution.

Drive pipeline progression and execution with DealCloud

Increase transparency

Boost team collaboration and outcomes with centralized pipeline reporting and workflows.

Improve decision-making

Unlock high-value opportunities with analytics from past deal outcomes and integrated market intelligence.

Accelerate deal execution

Automate deal execution and task workflows so your team can concentrate on higher-value tasks.

Visualize and prioritize the pipeline in real time

As we grew, so did the number of deals in our pipeline and the size of our team, making deal tracking more complicated. DealCloud lets us visualize and prioritize the pipeline in real time.

Amy Perkin
Chief Financial Officer
Brandon Capital Partners

DealCloud deal management

Real-time institutional knowledge sharing

Improve communication and inform decision-making with unified workflows and intelligence.

Automated workflows, alerts, and reports

Stay updated with deal to-dos with automated task workflows, notifications, and AI-generated signals.

Configurable reporting and analysis

Visualize firm-wide pipeline and inform deal execution with ad hoc and templated reports.

Time saving AI capabilities

Make fast, data-backed decisions with AI-powered deal summaries and recommendations based on firm and market intelligence.

System integrations

Easily access data from a centralized hub that’s integrated with the applications your team uses on a daily basis — including Microsoft 365.

Mobile application

Upload data into DealCloud, search key terms, review details, take notes while offline, and sync via mobile access for iOS and Android.

Intapp DealCloud data integrations

Analyze your firm’s proprietary data alongside third-party intelligence from our growing list of data providers — right from the Intapp DealCloud interface.

Frequently asked questions about DealCloud’s pipeline and deal management solutions

In today’s competitive investment scene, tracking every prospect and current opportunity isn’t optional. Market pressures and rising client demands require firms to expedite deal progress with greater precision. Lacking a centralized data source can result in uncertainty and confusion. Successful teams rely on real-time data to steer their daily decisions. Opting for DealCloud’s pipeline CRM can help you prevent unforeseen deal failures.

DealCloud lets your team track a wide variety of deal data — like  sourcing, progress, and staffing details — helping you manage deals throughout the entire lifecycle. Integrated workflows, pipeline analytics, and configurable reports provide real-time deal insights so your team can make more informed decisions.

Yes, your firm can configure DealCloud to meet your specific requirements and processes. You can connect the software with your firm’s existing systems, including portfolio and financial management systems. And you can create customized reports by filtering data as broadly or narrowly as needed and sending personalized reports to the appropriate people or teams.

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