Personal investment conflicts management for private equity firms

Intapp Employee Compliance

Proactively mitigate risk by gaining complete visibility into employee investments and activities

Reduce compliance risk by reviewing and managing employees’ outside business activities, personal investments, political activity, and attestation documents in a single location.

Increase investor confidence by demonstrating your firms’ adherence to internal code-of-ethics policies and regulatory requirements — all using Intapp Employee Compliance.

Quickly configure ad-hoc reports and dashboards

Simplify personal investment management with Intapp Employee Compliance

Protect your firm

Quickly identify and mitigate compliance risks to firm code-of-ethics policies.

Demonstrate compliance

Review, update, complete, and audit required documentation and decisions.

Boost employee confidence

Make compliance easier for employees with timely approvals aligned to firm policies.

Intapp Employee Compliance

Automated disclosures

Simplify disclosure of investments, outside business activities, and other material concerns.

Integrated brokerage account data

Save time and reduce errors by connecting brokerage accounts through managed setup and maintenance.

Simplified attestation and document management

Complete required attestation, firm documents, and disclosures in one location.

Automated trade preclearance

Quickly approve employee requests and investment activity using your firm’s restricted list.

Centralized access for covered parties

Provide a hub where spouses or financial planners can initiate, track, and receive approval of trade requests.

Personalized reporting

Customize periodic or ad hoc reports and audits by filtering and configuring data as needed.

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