Investor relations CRM and fundraising software

Intapp DealCloud investor relations CRM and fundraising software

Centralize your firm’s most critical proprietary and third-party data

Provide investor relations teams with the insight they need to expedite decision-making and win limited partnerships. Intapp DealCloud is a data-powered platform built for financial services firms and offers industry best practices to ensure your team executes at the highest level. No matter the size, strategy, or location of your fund, DealCloud aligns with your business processes. 

Empower your investor relations team with a unified view of pipeline and relationship data.

Empower your firm’s fundraising and investor relations management with Intapp DealCloud investor relations CRM and fundraising software

Build deal-winning relationships with relationship intelligence and powerful reporting and analytics. 

Fast-track fundraising

Accelerate potential fund commitments through every stage of the process. 

Simplify origination efforts

Maintain visibility into investor developments and partnerships strategies. 

Build synergies between teams

Drive collaboration between your investment and investor relations teams with a centralized view of fundraising activities. 

'Innovative, integrated, and scalable software at our core'

Because we have [Intapp DealCloud’s] innovative, integrated, and scalable software at our core, we have the unique ability to approach every relationship and mandate with a much more thoughtful and efficient fundraising process. This not only benefits our business, but it creates additional value for the GPs and LPs we deeply care about and represent.

Ray Brulotte
Founding and Managing Director
Hovey Capital Partners Canada

Fast-track fundraising success with simplified processes and comprehensive insights

Improved communication with investors

Access a 360-degree view of your firm and its investments, so you can maintain strong relationships with limited partners and keep them up to date.

Enhanced reporting and analytics

Generate weekly, monthly, quarterly, or ad-hoc reports with verified data for your fundraisers and investor relations professionals.

Single source of truth

Standardize and centralize your firm’s entire data ecosystem for your fundraising and investor relations professionals.

Third-party data integrations

Harness on-demand information from the world’s leading capital markets data providers.

More sophisticated marketing capabilities

Pull prospective investor and marketing activities together into a single, unified platform. 

Improved visibility on investments

View insights via modern dashboards, notifications, templated reports, and data visualizations.

Intapp DealCloud data integrations

Analyze your firm’s proprietary data alongside third-party intelligence from our growing list of data providers — right from the Intapp DealCloud interface.

Frequently asked questions about Intapp DealCloud investor relations CRM and fundraising software

Investor relations (IR) and fundraising professionals need to be able to fully understand and illustrate their firm’s fund performance and progress towards fundraising goals. Intapp DealCloud provides these professionals with a single platform built specifically for their needs. With DealCloud, IR and fundraising teams can easily access institutional knowledge and synthesize complex data around fundraising efforts. They can also access real-time analytics, so they can be as accurate and transparent as possible during capital calls or deal roadshows.

With Intapp DealCloud, all of your firm’s processes — from sourcing and origination to limited partner (LP) communications — are made easy. DealCloud centralizes your firm’s most critical proprietary and third-party data. That way, all teams — including fundraising and investor relations managers — have visibility and insight into your firm’s key activities and initiatives.  


Dealmakers can also populate DealCloud with data from Preqin, PitchBook, S&P Global Market Intelligence, or a host of other data providers. Through our third-party data providers, your professionals can enhance their private markets knowledge base, quickly answer their LPs’ questions, and meet their reporting requirements. Professionals can also easily curate investor profiles, learn LP investment criteria, track allocations, house key contact information, and stay up to date on transactions. 

No matter the size, strategy, or location of your fund, Intapp DealCloud can be easily configured to align with your current business processes and requirements. DealCloud connects with your firm’s existing systems, including fundraising activities and key investment initiatives, and offers industry best practices to ensure your team executes at the highest level. 

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