Credit and loan origination software for real estate professionals

Credit and loan origination software for real estate professionals

Grow your credit investing firm with unified deal and relationship management

More informed decision-making leads to better investing outcomes. With full visibility into your opportunities, data, and relationships, your credit investing team can better collaborate on sourcing and capital allocation workflows. Discover new avenues of growth and close more deals — all with Intapp DealCloud. Our platform is built for how real estate credit investors and lenders work. 

Get more out of your firm’s intelligence with a unified view of relationships and investment opportunities

Expand your relationships and loan origination opportunities with Intapp DealCloud for real estate lenders

Close more deals

Accelerate deals as they move through every stage in the pipeline.

Strengthen relationships

Discover and nurture borrower, lender, and fund investor connections with AI-driven relationship intelligence.

Source more business

Identify opportunities and expedite deal screening with a centralized source of truth.

Intapp DealCloud increases efficiency

Intapp DealCloud has increased our efficiency and effectiveness as a company by improving our ability to make accurate, quick, and data-driven decisions.

Nick Kreuger
Associate Investment Manager
Kairos Investment Management Company

Simplify deal sourcing and credit investing with Intapp DealCloud for credit investors and lenders

Relationship management 

Nurture more meaningful relationships with AI-powered activity capture and relationship intelligence. 

Business development

Find new opportunities by monitoring sponsor, broker, and lender relationships alongside property and market intelligence. 

Pipeline management

Analyze investments with loan intelligence and market trends to drive pipeline progression. 

Deal execution management

Manage due diligence checklists and task workflows in one information hub.

Fundraising and investor relations

Analyze complex firm data and drive investor outreach, lead progression, and fund management. 

Firm knowledge

Maintain visibility on deals, relationships, and the market with both proprietary and third-party data in one place. 

Qualify more opportunities and close more deals from a single platform

Firmwide knowledge sharing

Operate with the same data set and workflows across your firmfrom diligence and capital-raising to asset management.

Zero-entry automation capabilities

Drive strategy and pipeline management with automated data capture and diligence reporting.

Enhanced reporting and market analysis

Enhance your pipeline insights with visualizations from centralized mapping and location tools and property intelligence.  

Central data source

Integrate and store data with the applications your team already uses, such as Microsoft 365.

Optimized relationship building and intelligence

Make smarter, data-driven decisions using automated relationship scoring and intelligence reporting.

Extensive third-party data integrations

Access proprietary and third-party data from industry-leaders such as Cherre and Esri. 

Intapp DealCloud data integrations

Analyze your firm’s proprietary data alongside third-party intelligence from our growing list of data providers — right from the Intapp DealCloud interface.

Frequently asked questions about Intapp DealCloud deal and relationship management

Real estate lenders and credit investors are responsible for discovering, analyzing, and managing high quantities of relationships and properties across several strategies. However, the tools that they’re using to manage these workflows are disconnected and underwhelming. These disparate solutions often lead to manual and redundant processes, inefficient operations, low traceability, and, ultimately, poor decision-making and investment outcomes. 


Intapp DealCloud offers real estate lenders and credit investors an enterprise solution for building relationships, discovering new areas of opportunity, driving pipeline progression, and managing cross-functional processes throughout the entire investment lifecycle. By creating a single source of truth for all information regarding deals, relationships, and funds, DealCloud enables credit investors and lenders to operate more efficiently and strategically. Our platform unifies workflows from deal sourcing and sponsor screening to fund allocation and tracking. With DealCloud, you can promote efficiency, improve decision-making, and boost successful investment outcomes.

Lenders need the freedom and flexibility to pivot from deal to deal and from relationship to relationship. That’s why leading real estate firms trust Intapp DealCloud to deploy capital and grow their practices. Track private credit activities like centralized deal information; fundraising and investor relations; travel planning; deal and legal document management; time tracking; business development activity tracking; property and portfolio analysis; deal marketing; and due diligence collaboration. 

Yes Intapp DealCloud was designed and built to be flexible enough to support various pipeline, relationship management, and reporting needs, as they differ between real estate credit investors and lending firms. You can customize Intapp DealCloud on a user-by-user basis so every individual can access what they need, easily organize it, and share it with role-based permissions. Customize every dashboard, chart, graph, tear sheet, data sheet, and profile to meet your credit investors’ and lenders’ preferences and interests.

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