• Intapp Intake

A fresh approach to taking on new business

Efficiently take on new business while managing regulatory, financial, and reputational risks. Streamline management of the entire business-acceptance lifecycle with a configurable interface that automates manual intake processes.

Faster opening

Automate and provide visibility, management, and control of intake processes.

Strategic alignment

Pursue and bring on the right business aligned with firm strategy.

Continuous management

Identify changes to financial, ethical, regulatory, or strategic alignment of engagements.

Increased agility

Rapidly modify business processes in minutes without change orders.

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Intapp Conflicts

Addresses conflict-of-interest risk so decision-makers have better context to make informed business-acceptance decisions.

Intapp Terms

Capture and ensure adherence to client requirements throughout the engagement, reducing rejected bills, write-offs, and revenue leakage.

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