Fund of funds software for investment firms

Fund of funds software

Achieve your firm’s full potential with unified deal and pipeline management

Expand your network, close more deals, and generate higher returns with Intapp DealCloud. By centralizing all firm information regarding deals, relationships, and capital deployment, your firm can operate more efficiently and strategically.

Get a unified view of related relationships, activities, and deals

Expedite deal closures and pipeline management with Intapp DealCloud for fund of funds

Close more deals

Accelerate deals as they move through every stage in the pipeline.

Strengthen relationships

Discover and strengthen connections with key, AI-driven relationship intelligence.

Source more business

Identify opportunities and make better decisions with a centralized source of truth.

'It's impossible to imagine going back to Outlook and Excel'

With Intapp DealCloud, we were able to streamline our various systems into one consolidated platform that everyone could use at the same time. Now that we’re fully functional on the platform, it’s impossible to imagine going back to Outlook and Excel.

Griffith Norville
Hamilton Lane

Discover, pursue, and win deals with Intapp DealCloud for fund of funds

Relationship management 

Build stronger relationships with AI-driven intelligence reporting, automated data capture, and centralized coverage. 

Marketing integration 

Increase outreach with integrated tools to design, send, and analyze branded email campaigns. 

Business development  

Identify new opportunities by monitoring general and limited partner relationships alongside market activity. 

Pipeline management 

Improve decisionmaking by centralizing target pipeline and maximizing resource allocation. 

Deal execution and collaboration  

Centralize your due diligence checklists and approval workflows in an efficient and organized information hub. 

Fundraising and investor relations

Synthesize complex firm data and drive efficiencies in investor outreach, lead progression, and fund management. 

Firm knowledge

Improve communication and decisionmaking with increased institutional knowledge. 

Operate your firm more efficiently and strategically with centralized deal and relationship management

Real-time institutional knowledge sharing

Enhance communication and inform decisionmaking with unified workflows and intelligence. 

Automated workflows, alerts, and reports

Stay informed on deals and next steps with automated task workflows, notifications, and AI-generated signals on desktop or mobile.

Reporting and analytics

Visualize firmwide pipeline and inform deal execution with reports, dashboards, tear sheets, and other customizable resources. 

AI summaries and recommendations

Save time with AI summaries of deal information and improve decision-making with AI recommendations based on firm and market intelligence. 

System integrations

Share data across your firm with a centralized hub that connects with Microsoft 365 and other applications your team uses every day.

Actionable data

Keep your dealmakers well-informed by transforming your proprietary and third-party data into institutional knowledge. 

Intapp DealCloud data integrations

Analyze your firm’s proprietary data alongside third-party intelligence from our growing list of data providers — right from the Intapp DealCloud interface.

Frequently asked questions about Intapp DealCloud deal and relationship management

Today’s fund of funds require access to complex reports and custom dashboards on demand. Generic CRM platforms simply can’t address the need for real-time data for every stage of the investment lifecycle because they were built for a different business model — one that doesn’t consider a fund of fund firm’s complex relationship, deal, and funding structures. When fund of funds investors use software like Intapp DealCloud, they’re able to organize, tag, and report on that data to inform their daily activities, including tracking progress on negotiations, due diligence processes, or voting developments. 

Whether your firm has just closed its first fund or completed hundreds of transactions, our vertical-specific software will help your firm grow and operate more efficiently. With a rich set of tools and features accompanying our core CRM platform, investors can quickly complete administrative, time-consuming tasks — so your professionals can spend more time building and nurturing relationships that lead to closed deals.

Fund of funds investors use Intapp DealCloud for fund monitoring; relationship tracking; fund manager coverage; deal and legal document management; business development activity tracking; industry analysis; and investment process creation and management. 

Whether your firm focuses on a specific geography, deal size, or industry, Intapp DealCloud can help your investors transform a handshake into a closed deal using our fund of funds software. 

Our platform was built by industry experts who know that not all fund of funds operate the same way. The pipeline, relationship management, and reporting needs of one user, team, division, or company may differ greatly from the next. That’s why our users have the granular control to tailor Intapp DealCloud on a user-by-user basis — ensuring that every individual has the necessary tools and views.  

When it comes to reporting and analytics, team members can customize every dashboard, chart, graph, tear sheet, data sheet, and profile to meet their preferences and interests.  

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