Intapp Walls

Introducing Intapp Walls for Copilot

Intapp Walls

Control and secure access to critical information

Intapp Walls lets your firm efficiently manage, secure, and enforce need-to-know access to confidential and sensitive information across all firm systems — from a centralized location, without impacting user productivity.

Centrally view and manage access rights

Protect confidential information with Intapp Walls

Respond to security audits

Provide clear traceability of wall management, access, and attempted breaches.

Protect client information

Enforce and maintain confidentiality across all sensitive client information.  

Simplify firm and regulatory compliance

Adhere to changes in policies and procedures from a centralized location. 

Maintain confidentiality within your firm’s environment

The Intapp Walls product is very important for us to maintain client confidentiality, compliance, and all the things that we need to do to manage that environment and the data within our environment. It was easy for us to look at that product and determine that was the best fit to accomplish those important needs in our firm.

Andy Jurczyk
Chief Information Officer
Seyfarth Shaw

Intapp Walls

Centralized confidentiality control

Secure and manage protection across all firm systems that store sensitive information.

Real-time enforcement

Enforce ethical wall maintenance and policy adherence with user acknowledgments and automatically updated access rights.

Self-maintaining management

Automatically correct unauthorized modifications and ensure proper access with built-in monitoring and detection of changes to internal teams.

Automated notifications

Stay informed of changes to ethical walls, internal teams, and user acknowledgments with scheduled, on-demand, and trigger-based notifications.

Frequently asked questions about Intapp Walls

All clients want to work with trustworthy firms that are committed to securing and protecting their sensitive information. Intapp Walls gives your firm the tools it needs to ensure comprehensive, robust data security for your clients. In the event of an audit from a regulatory entity or client, your firm can clearly demonstrate the management and enforcement of confidentiality across your firm systems.  

In today’s world, collaboration happens in more than just documents. Take Microsoft Teams for example, it’s easy to accidentally include people into client teams who are supposed to explicitly be blocked due to ethical policies. Various applications are incorporating advanced AI into their products, and AI may divulge sensitive information to end-users, resulting in reputation loss. Securing applications like SharePoint is critical as technology and AI advance.  

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