• Artificial Intelligence

    AI for the professional services industry

Our team of cognitive computing experts employ the most advanced AI technologies—deep learning-based natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML)—to build and extend our industry-leading solutions.


Automatically capture the real tasks and activities professionals spend their time on, and predict the client and engagement/matter for each activity.


Comply with engagement letters and billing guidelines to avoid rejections and write-offs by automating the identification and classification of client terms.

Deep learning

Recode historical timekeeping data to create an accurate cost database, based on practice area, engagement type, sector, industry, and other characteristics.


Enhance efficiency and aid decision-making of conflicts resolutions based on human-trained ML models that free professionals to apply judgments to more complex issues.

A unique AI vision for professional services firms

We infuse AI capabilities into our products, services, and workflows. So, unlike fragmented systems, you’ll never need to “bolt-on” third-party AI tools, build complex data warehouses, or invest in costly custom development. Intapp’s client and work proximity models are at the core of our AI platform. They inform a variety of other applications that help customers streamline repetitive or error-prone processes and derive better insight and value from their data.

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