About Intapp

About us

Bringing the power of Applied AI to your firm's professionals

Connections. Experiences. Insights. Actions. This is modern intelligence. How you apply this intelligence is your competitive advantage.

Intapp brings AI and intelligence straight to your professionals’ fingertips, so your firm can find new opportunities, make smarter decisions, and guard against risk — faster than ever before.

That’s Intapp. That’s Intelligence Applied.

A history of targeted innovation

Most business software wasn’t built for partner-led firms like yours. It was built for companies selling goods, not knowledge professionals navigating fast-changing environments.

The professional and financial firms we serve also operate within complex ethical, client, and regulatory obligations. But today’s generic AI solutions fail to address these critical security and privacy needs.

That’s why Intapp has been delivering Applied AI solutions, applied to our clients’ real business challenges, for more than a decade. We drive compliant AI advancements, cloud adoption, and modernization across all the markets we serve. And we bring the best ideas and practices of these different industries to one another, helping them grow and thrive.

Intapp through the years

Launched the first (no-code) integration solution for professional services firms

Launched Intapp Walls


Launched Intapp Time


Acquired Advanced Productivity Software


Acquired the Frayman Group

Launched Intapp Intake and Intapp Conflicts


Entered accounting, financial services, and consulting verticals (2015)


Acquired Rekoop


Acquired DealCloud

Launched AI-assisted review in Intapp Conflicts


Acquired Gwabbit

Acquired OnePlace


Launched Intapp Integration Service

Committed to sell cloud-based solutions exclusively

Launched AI-assisted matter and engagement intelligence


Acquired Repstor

Became a publicly traded company

Launched AI-assisted relationship intelligence


Launched Intapp Workspaces and Intapp Documents

Partnered with Microsoft

Entered strategic alliance with KPMG

Acquired Billstream


Acquired Paragon Data Labs

Launched Intapp Employee Compliance


Unveiled new Applied AI capabilities and roadmap