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Intapp Documents

Optimize engagement delivery with simplified content management

Intapp Documents transforms Microsoft SharePoint into a content management system designed to support how your firm collaborates on engagement documents. With direct integration with Microsoft 365, your teams can easily access engagement-centric SharePoint sites, curate metadata for AI technologies like Microsoft Copilot, and improve collaboration workflows on documents.

Intapp Documents delivers a user experience built for the needs of your professionals. Simplify document management and boost collaboration to support your engagement growth — directly from Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint.

Create a comprehensive document library to reduce friction and increase visibility

Simplify engagement management and collaboration for your team with Intapp Documents

Simplify document management

Improve engagement delivery with content management workflows built for the way your firm works — all from Microsoft SharePoint and Outlook.

Improve engagement visibility

Access a comprehensive view of client work with synchronized content across Microsoft 365.

Maximize your Microsoft 365 investment

Increase ROI for your firm’s Microsoft 365 investment and maximize interoperability with other Intapp products.

'Everything is just seamless'

For users, everything is just seamless: It just works and is there for them in Outlook. Another benefit of the suite is the ability to work on- and offline.

Toby Woodhead
Head of Technology
Armstrong Watson

Simplify document management for your professionals

Engagement-centric document libraries

Create, customize, and govern workspaces built for engagement management in Microsoft SharePoint.

Automated email filing

Save time with assisted email and document filing that assesses your content and offers suggestions for the most relevant engagement folders in Microsoft SharePoint.

Insights and intelligence

Access a comprehensive view of your engagements with integrated intelligence from Microsoft 365 and other firm systems.

DMS content access directly from Outlook

Work with Microsoft SharePoint libraries and other repository content without leaving Microsoft Outlook.

Document comparisons and workflows

Access comparison dialogs that simplify the process from version comparison to document change approvals.

Offline access to all content

View, add, and edit content within Microsoft SharePoint, Outlook, content stores, and other file sharing services — even when you’re working offline.

Frequently asked questions about Intapp Documents

Your firm’s professionals depend on Microsoft 365 apps like Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint to accomplish daily tasks for their projects. However, when working together, they can lose precious time searching through their firm’s document management system (DMS) for relevant files — especially when they are organized inconsistently and out of context with other project-related work taking place across Microsoft 365. Intapp Documents simplifies engagement work by turning Microsoft SharePoint into a DMS built to serve firms like yours.

Intapp Documents enables:

  • Full lifecycle visibility that reduces time spent searching for multiple versions and promotes process transparency
  • Automatic synchronization that ensures important data isn’t lost
  • Assisted filing functionality that minimizes time spent managing files in multiple applications
  • A 360-degree view of client and engagement information that improves team collaboration and client satisfaction
  • Interoperability with Microsoft 365 and other applications that ensure you get the most out of your technology investment
  • A database of engagement metadata generated by Microsoft Copilot and other AI tools to facilitate more comprehensive organization of documents and content

Your firm can configure Intapp Documents to meet its specific requirements and workflows. Customize Intapp Documents to your firm’s existing systems, including financial and practice management platforms. And you can build custom Microsoft SharePoint workspace templates based on specific firm or engagement criteria.

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