Manage and enforce ethical policies

Intapp Walls

Demonstrate your commitment to client confidentiality

Centrally secure, control, and enforce access to sensitive client information, fulfilling your ethical duty to your clients and profession. Intapp Walls automatically enforces ethical walls across all firm systems, ensuring only the right people can access protected information.

Elevate client confidence and protect your firm’s reputation with Intapp Walls

Respond to security audits

Provide clear traceability of wall management, access, and attempted breaches.

Protect client information

Enforce and maintain confidentiality across all sensitive client information.

Ensure firm and regulatory compliance

Adhere to changes in policies and procedures from a centralized location.

Build barriers at the matter level

We have a number of clients that have very sensitive information that they want to keep strictly confidential. Using Intapp Walls, we’re able to create highly sensitive barriers at the matter level and restrict the number of people that have access to the information.

Mark Mountford
Head of Business Solutions
Bird & Bird

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Intapp Intelligent Cloud

For more than a decade, Intapp has been bringing the power of automation and intelligence to professional and financial services firms — helping clients like you solve their specialized needs and challenges.

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Intapp Cloud Infrastructure

Use AI confidently, knowing we keep your data secure through our partnership with Microsoft and our own commitment to security and compliance.

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Intapp Data Architecture

Quality data is at the heart of good AI — and with Intapp, you benefit from our data architecture.

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Intapp Applied AI

Our Applied AI strategy includes five essential AI capabilities that help you make smarter decisions, faster.

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Ask AI for answers — and get near-instant results — using everyday language.
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